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Rev Up Your Drive: Jeep Compass 2019 Magic Unleashed!

Jeep Compass 2019

The 2019 Jeep Compass offers rugged off-avenue capability and user-friendly generation. Its compact length is ideal for town driving.

The Jeep Compass 2019 stands as a compact crossover blending Jeep’s signature off-road prowess with present day comforts and an attractive design. With multiple trim degrees, including the Trailhawk variation geared toward extra adventurous paths, it caters to a vast target audience.

Safety capabilities and superior driving force aids are available, enhancing its enchantment to households and day by day commuters. The Compass boasts a 2. Four-liter 4-cylinder engine, imparting a stability of overall performance and gas efficiency. Its indoors consists of a Uconnect infotainment machine, recognized for its intuitive interface and connectivity capabilities. The Jeep Compass 2019 strikes a stability between the city cruiser and the weekend warrior, making it a versatile option for drivers searching for adventure without compromising fashion or practicality.

Jeep Compass 2019

Introduction To Jeep Compass 2019

The 2019 Jeep Compass exudes adventure at every turn. Embracing the iconic heritage of the Jeep brand, this compact SUV offers comfort on the road and competence on the road. It’s the perfect blend for drivers looking for performance and style.

Bold Design Aesthetics

A demanding and complex compass commands attention. The exterior of the car has a sleek and aerodynamic look. It marries muscular curves and a signature seven-slot grille, flanked by bold headlights. The design stands out in every case.

  • Sleek profile meets rugged details
  • Renowned seven-slot grille
  • Eye-catching wheel designs

Blending Tradition With Innovation

The Compass 2019 fashions encapsulate Jeep’s storied history. They integrate cutting-edge tech for a safer, more connected drive. Packed with the trendy infotainment and safety features, it units new standards. Tradition pairs with innovation to create the last driving revel in.

Feature Description
Uconnect® System Seamless connectivity, with touchscreen controls
Safety and Security Advanced driver-assist features to protect you and your loved ones
  1. Intuitive touchscreen controls
  2. Driver-assist features enhance safety
  3. Adaptive cruise control, for effortless long-distance travel

Performance Under The Hood

The 2019 Jeep Compass shines with succesful performance for journey lovers. This SUV gives a blend of power and performance. Explore the details that make it an attractive desire for both daily riding and stale-roading escapades.

Engine Specifications

Under the hood, the Jeep Compass 2019 packs a punch with its robust engine. Drivers enjoy a balance of strength and smoothness.

  • 2.4L Tigershark® engine with MultiAir® 2 technology
  • 180 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque
  • 6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic transmission
  • Fuel economy: up to 32 MPG highway

Actual mileage may vary.

Off-road Capabilities

The Compass doesn’t just promise power; it delivers specialized features for off-road adventures. Here’s what sets it apart:

Feature Description
Jeep Active Drive 4×4 System Seamless switch between two and four-wheel drive modes
Select-Terrain® Traction Management System Optimize performance across different terrains: Snow, Sand, Mud, and Rock
Hill Descent Control Control speed down steep declines without braking manually
High Air Intakes & Water Sealing Enhanced water fording capabilities

With these features, the Jeep Compass 2019 stands ready for any trail.

Interior And Comfort

The Jeep Compass 2019 boasts an indoors that guarantees each consolation and sophistication. Step inside and experience a cabin designed to be your haven of luxurious and comfort. Its interior layout combines functionality with aesthetics, developing an immersive using experience for both the driving force and passengers.

Tech-loaded Dashboard

The centerpiece of the Jeep Compass 2019’s tech offerings is its dashboard. It comes outfitted with a user-pleasant infotainment machine that provides get right of entry to to navigation, tune, and vehicle settings. The following functions raise the dashboard experience:

  • Uconnect 4 with a 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration
  • A customizable 7-inch driver information digital cluster display
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Keyless Enter ’n Go with remote start system

Seating Arrangement And Upholstery

The interior isn’t simply clever; it’s comfortable and fashionable too. The Jeep Compass 2019’s seating association is nicely-notion-out for max comfort:

  1. Accommodates up to five passengers
  2. Skin-friendly upholstery options including cloth, vinyl, and leather
  3. Front seats come with heating capabilities and available power adjustment
  4. The rear seat features a 60/40 split, offering flexible cargo space.
  5. Ample legroom ensures comfortable long journeys for all occupants

Safety And Driver Assistance

The 2019 Jeep Compass stands out for its state-of-the-art safety and driver assistance. On modern roads, a car must remain efficient. We are committed to the details that make Compass the safe choice of families and travel enthusiasts.

Advanced Safety Features

Peace of mind comes standard in the Jeep Compass 2019. It boasts an impressive array of safety features:

  • Seven Airbags: Ensuring passenger safety from multiple angles.
  • Sturdy Frame: Built with high-strength steel for superior protection.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring: Alerts you about vehicles in your blind spot.
  • Forward Collision Warning: Warns of potential frontal impacts.
  • Lane Departure Warning: Keeps you within lane boundaries.

Driver-assist Technology

Driver-assist technologies in the Jeep Compass take safety to the next level.

Feature Function
Adaptive Cruise Control Maintains a safe distance from the car ahead.
Park Assist Guides you into tight parking spots.
Rear Cross Path Detection Notifies of crossing traffic when reversing.
Rear View Camera Provides a clear view while backing up.

Trim Levels And Customization

Trim Levels and Customization are phrases that ignite excitement among Jeep Compass enthusiasts. The 2019 Compass does now not disappoint. Tailor your journey with a numerous lineup of models to in shape your style and off-avenue demands. Let’s explore the available trim alternatives and the way you could make your Jeep Compass uniquely yours.

Jeep Compass 2019 Variety Of Trim Options

The Jeep Compass 2019 is available in several trim ranges, ensuring a fit for every need and price range. Embrace a variety of features and styles across these models:

  • Sport: Foundational model with essential tech and comfort.
  • Latitude: Adds a touch of luxury with premium materials.
  • Altitude: Sporty aesthetics with black-out accents.
  • Limited: Upscale features meet advanced technology.
  • Trailhawk: Rugged and ready for off-road adventure.

Personalization And Accessories

Jeep Compass owners love to personalize. Make your 2019 Compass stand out or enhance its capabilities with a plethora of accessories:

Accessory Category Examples
Exterior Upgrades Roof racks, side steps, custom wheels
Interior Enhancements All-weather mats, cargo organizers
Performance Parts Skid plates, suspension kits
Technology Add-ons Remote start, premium audio systems

Official Mopar accessories guarantee a seamless fit and performance. Whether for style, convenience, or trail-readiness, personalizing your Compass is simple.

Jeep Compass 2019

Jeep Compass 2019 Consumer Reception And Reviews

The 2019 Jeep Compass was a mystery in the automotive community when it was released. This compact SUV blends adventure with urban practicality. Let’s dive into what experts and owners themselves have to say about their experiences with the 2019 Jeep Compass.

Expert Ratings

Respected industry voices have weighed in on the Jeep Compass. The consensus highlights its off-road prowess and value for money. Below are key points from expert reviews:

  • Off-Road Capability: Experts laud the effective four-wheel-drive system.
  • Interior Comfort: The cabin receives praise for its comfort and tech features.
  • Safety Ratings: The Compass earns respectable scores in most safety evaluations.

Experts often compare the Compass to other SUVs. The Jeep Compass stands out for its adventurous spirit.

Owner Testimonials

Real-world Jeep Compass owners offer valuable insights. Personal stories provide a glimpse into daily life with this SUV. Here’s what some owners say:

Owner Testimonial
Sarah K. “The Compass feels sturdy on rough trails. I love its versatility.”
Mike R. “Incredible value! The fuel economy is impressive for its class.”
Emily G. “Its sleek design gets compliments. The tech is user-friendly and intuitive.”

Owner feedback reveals a trend of satisfaction with Compass’s balance of rugged adventure-readiness and city-friendly features.

Comparing The Competition

Welcome to our dive into the 2019 Jeep Compass and the way it stacks up in opposition to its friends. In the ever-competitive SUV segment, it stands ambitious, but let’s positioned it to the check. We’ll explore the Compass’s price and evaluate its features to different players in the game.

Compass Vs. Peers In The Segment

Feature 2019 Jeep Compass Competitor A Competitor B
Engine Power 180 hp 170 hp 250 hp
Fuel Efficiency 22/31 MPG (city/highway) 25/30 MPG (city/highway) 21/29 MPG (city/highway)
Off-road Capability Trailhawk trim available Not available Available in higher trims
Infotainment System Uconnect with a 7-inch display The standard system with a 6.5-inch display SYNC 3 with 8-inch display
Safety Features Full suite available Limited options Comparable suite

Value Proposition: Jeep Compass 2019

The 2019 Jeep Compass offers compelling value. Here’s why:

  • Competitive pricing with a starting MSRP of $22,095
  • Standard features like a rearview camera and Bluetooth
  • Available luxury upgrades at reasonable costs
  • Impressive off-road capabilities, especially in the Trailhawk trim
  • The Uconnect infotainment system is user-friendly and robust
  • Offers a good balance of power and fuel economy
  • A safety suite includes available adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning

The Jeep Compass is designed to provide quality at an affordable price. It’s rugged yet refined, proving that capability doesn’t mean a high cost.

Jeep Compass 2019

Conclusion: Rugged Modernity Defined

The 2019 Jeep Compass seamlessly blends traditional longevity with glossy technology. This vehicle stands as a testament to a design that captures both sturdiness and innovation. Its cutting-edge functions make sure a snug ride, while its rugged prowess affirms its functionality on any terrain.

Final Thoughts

Adventure and reliability meet state-of-the-art tech in the 2019 Jeep Compass. Owners rejoice in a compact SUV that refuses to compromise on power and practicality.

  • Eye-catching exterior design
  • Advance infotainment system
  • Exceptional off-road abilities
  • Impressive safety features

Is the Compass Right for You?

Is The Compass Right For You?

Choosing a Jeep Compass means embracing versatility. It’s a vehicle tailored for those who yearn for adventure but demand the amenities of modern technology within their reach.

Pros Cons
Robust 4×4 systems Base model with limited features
User-friendly infotainment Less cargo space than some rivals
Capable on and off-road Performance is adequate

Frequently Asked Questions Of Jeep Compass 2019

Is A Jeep Compass 2019 A Good Vehicle?

The 2019 Jeep Compass offers adequate off-road capabilities and a user-friendly infotainment system, but its performance and interior quality have received mixed reviews. His reliability is average for the class.

How Reliable Is Jeep Compass 2019?

The Jeep Compass is generally seen as reliable, scoring in most reliability categories. Owner reviews often praise its build quality and durability. Regular maintenance can help ensure longevity.

Why Was The Jeep Compass 2019 Discontinued?

The Jeep Compass discontinued due to declining sales, changing market trends, and advances in automotive technology that prompted the rebranding. Jeep refocused on low-cost vehicles and advanced vehicles.

How Many Miles Will A Jeep Compass 2019 Last?

The 2019 Jeep Compass typically has a range of 100,000 to 200,000 miles when properly maintained and maintained. Regular work is needed to achieve the high end of this process.


2019 Jeep Compass stands as a solid choice for adventure enthusiasts and daily commuters. His blend of road skills and urban advantage shines through. As you consider your SUV options, consider the Compass’ unique features and competitive edge.

Embrace the journey and the destination and drive with confidence. Jeep’s legacy continues – will you be a part of it?

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