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The Eclipse Cross: Blending Performance with Luxury

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a compact crossover SUV. It combines fashionable design with sensible features.

The Eclipse Cross emerged as Mitsubishi’s clean contender within the competitive crossover marketplace, focused on drivers looking for a blend of performance and software. Debuted in 2017, it showcases a sharp, sculpted outdoors that stands proud among rivals. The vehicle’s indoors gives contemporary services and superior generation to beautify the riding enjoy.

With diverse trims to be had, consumers can choose the level of luxury and tech that fits their desires. The Eclipse Cross boasts a turbocharged engine and offers to be had all-wheel drive, making sure succesful dealing with in various situations. Safety features and driver-assist options also contribute to its appeal, making it a smart desire for the ones seeking a dependable and stylish crossover.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Emergence Of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The automotive global witnessed the sunrise of a new player within the compact SUV phase with the advent of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Mitsubishi carved a spot for itself with this formidable, fashion-aware crossover that combines sporty layout factors with the practicality vital for normal use. With the Eclipse Cross, drivers get an agile associate for his or her urban adventures, offering a clean take at the company’s legacy of innovation.

Birth Of A Compact Crossover

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross represents a giant milestone inside the emblem’s storied history. Paving its direction ahead, the Eclipse Cross blends the sportiness of the Eclipse coupe with the capability of an SUV. This fusion introduces a car designed for consolation, safety, and era, fulfilling the present day driving force’s desires.

  • Dynamic Shield Front Design – A new face for Mitsubishi that balances safety and performance.
  • Turbocharged Efficiency – Power meets economy with its 1.5L turbocharged engine.
  • Advanced Tech Integration – Features like the touchpad controller cater to the tech-savvy user.

Design Philosophy And Brand Identity

Mitsubishi’s design approach with the Eclipse Cross isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s approximately crafting an identification. This crossover stands as a testomony to the brand’s dedication to excessive requirements and forward-wondering layout ideas. The iconic Dynamic Shield grille and the sleek, coupe-like profile are simply the starting factors of this design journey.

Through meticulous detailing and a focus on a motive force-orientated experience, the Eclipse Cross displays the subsequent core topics:

Balance of form and function – A design that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

Safety as a priority – Built with a high-strength body structure for peace of mind.

Connectivity in focus – Packed with smart features that keep you in touch on the go.

Aesthetic Appeal And Exterior Features

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross captures attention with its placing outside. Design meets characteristic, creating an SUV that stands proud within the city landscape. Let’s discover the style and design features that define this contemporary vehicle.

Distinct Design Elements

The Eclipse Cross sports a formidable stance with its sculpted frame. The glossy silhouette pairs with sharp traces to reflect a feel of dynamism. At the the front, the vehicle features Mitsubishi’s signature Dynamic Shield design. It gives the SUV a one-of-a-kind face. Daytime strolling lighting fixtures and LED headlamps circulate the grille for a cohesive look. The rear design boasts an progressive split-window imparting progressed visibility. A sporty spoiler and high-established LED brake lighting fixtures make sure this automobile leaves a long-lasting affect.

Color Options And Wheel Designs

Customization permits the Eclipse Cross to reflect your style. Choose from colourful color alternatives which includes Red Diamond, Bronze Metallic, and Lightning Blue. Each colour complements the car’s curves and cuts a placing photograph on the street. Wheel designs upload every other layer to its character. The Eclipse Cross comes with a variety of wheels, from 18-inch alloy wheels that verify its robust stance, to fashionable alternatives that elevate its avenue presence.

Color Options Wheel Designs
Red Diamond 18-inch Alloy Wheels
Bronze Metallic Sleek Silver Alloys
Lightning Blue Gloss Black Accents

Under The Hood: Performance And Engineering

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is more than a elegant SUV. Let’s dive into the performance and engineering that make it stand out from the gang. It combines superior era with strength that excites.

Powertrain Specifications

The coronary heart of the Eclipse Cross is its strong engine.

Engine Type 1.5L MIVEC DOHC 4-Cylinder Direct-Injection Turbocharged
Horsepower 152 at 5,500 rpm
Torque 184 lb-ft at 2,000-3,500 rpm
Transmission 8-Speed CVT with Sport Mode
Drivetrain Standard Front-Wheel Drive, available All-Wheel Control (AWC)

Handling And Fuel Efficiency

  • Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) offers impeccable handling.
  • Active Yaw Control manages the torque for a smoother ride.
  • Electronic Power Steering provides a responsive wheel turn.
  • Suspension is tuned for both comfort and performance.
  • Achieve up to 26 MPG city and 29 MPG highway.

The proper balance of energy and performance in the Eclipse Cross makes each power a delight.

Interior Design And Comfort

Inside the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross lies a fusion of fashion, consolation, and modern technology. The automobile’s interior layout and comfort features increase the riding and passenger revel in

Cabin Layout And Seating Arrangements

The Eclipse Cross’s indoors greets you with a thoughtful cabin format. Here, practicality meets aesthetics.

  • Seats five comfortably
  • Generous legroom for passengers
  • Flexibility with fold-down rear seats

Every journey becomes a pleasure with ample space for all occupants.

Material Quality And Infotainment System

The great of substances within the Eclipse Cross strikes the perfect balance among sturdiness and luxury.

  • Soft-touch surfaces
  • High-quality seat upholstery

The infotainment machine stands because the cockpit’s centerpiece.

Feature Description
Touchscreen Intuitive 7-inch display
Connectivity Smartphone-link for audio and apps
Sound Immersive sound system

Drivers enjoy clean control over their leisure and settings.

Safety And Driver Assistance Technologies

When it is approximately your own family’s security on the street, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross takes it to coronary heart. This automobile comes with a sturdy construct and protective functions. You want a car that watches out for you. The Eclipse Cross brings a set of technologies to do just that. Let’s explore the protection and motive force assistance functions designed to preserve you steady.

Standard Safety Features

The baseline for protection in the Eclipse Cross is strong, ensuring peace of thoughts is a widespread feature.

  • Seven Airbags: Cushions around you for protection.
  • Rearview Camera: See behind clearly when in reverse.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): Keeps brakes from locking up.
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD): Balances brake pressure.
  • Brake Assist: Helps apply full braking in an emergency.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Alerts you to low tire pressure.
  • Stability and Traction Control: Helps maintain grip on slippery roads.

Optional Advanced Driver Aids

Opt for higher trims, and the Eclipse Cross impresses with superior tech.

Driver Aid Function
Adaptive Cruise Control Keeps a set distance from the car ahead.
Forward Collision Mitigation Warns and brakes in emergencies.
Lane Departure Warning Alerts when drifting from the lane.
Blind Spot Warning & Lane Change Assist Warns of vehicles in blind spots during lane changes.
Rear Cross Traffic Alert Warns of traffic when reversing from a parking spot.
Multi Around Monitor Provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle.
Automatic High Beam Adjusts headlight brightness automatically.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross doesn’t simply supply a pressure; it gives a dad or mum angel for the streets. Whether widespread or non-obligatory, each feature brings you towards a fear-free adventure.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Trim Levels And Customization

Choices make the riding enjoy non-public. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers that custom contact. Drivers can pick from a variety of trim levels. Each alternative programs one-of-a-kind features, comforts, and aesthetics.

Comparison Of Available Models

Several trim stages are prepared for selection. They meet numerous alternatives and budgets. Explore the variations and find the satisfactory suit.

Trim Level Key Features Engine Infotainment
ES Alloy wheels, LED running lights 1.5L Turbo 7-inch display
LE Black accents, Touchpad controller 1.5L Turbo 8-inch Smartphone-link Display
SE Blind Spot Warning, Lane Change Assist 1.5L Turbo 8-inch Smartphone-link Display
SEL Leather seating, LED headlights 1.5L Turbo 8-inch Smartphone-link Display, Heads-Up Display

Personalization And Upgrade Options

Each Eclipse Cross proprietor can make their automobile unique. Choices variety from beauty to purposeful upgrades.

  • Color Choices: From vibrant reds to classic whites.
  • Accessory Packages: Add style or utility.
  • Interior Options: Choose from premium materials and tech enhancements.
  • Warranty Extensions: Peace of mind for the road ahead.

Real-world User Experiences

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is more than only a spec sheet; it’s miles a automobile woven into the material of daily existence. Owners of this dynamic SUV have shared their testimonies, imparting a mosaic of actual-world consumer reviews. Let’s delve into what real customers are saying, from the realities of fuel economy to the pleasure of riding.

Consumer Reviews And Ratings

Owner critiques are important in expertise a car’s overall performance in regular conditions. The Eclipse Cross has elicited a number feelings, from sheer pride to positive critique.

  • Safety Ratings: Many highlight its top-notch safety features.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Drivers value the SUV’s fuel economy.
  • In-Car Tech: Users praise the intuitive tech interface.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ratings properly in patron ratings, reflecting a high quality proprietor experience.

Common Themes In Owner Feedback

Feedback styles provide insights into what matters most to Eclipse Cross drivers. Let’s look at these routine themes.

Theme Owner Comments
Comfort Seats and ride comfort get thumbs up.
Performance Peppy acceleration is frequently mentioned.
Design The stylish exterior draws compliments.
Utility The spacious cargo area is appreciated.

A consensus amongst proprietors is that the Eclipse Cross meets needs with aptitude and performance.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Comparing The Competition

Welcome to our deep dive into the aggressive panorama of the crossover SUV marketplace. We spotlight the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This flexible car balances functionality with style. Yet, is it the right preference amidst fierce rivals? Let’s discover its marketplace stance and direct comparisons.

Market Positioning

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross moves a completely unique balance. Its stylish design and advanced tech suite attraction to a wide audience. The Eclipse Cross stands proud with less expensive charges. Smart protection features come general. This makes it a pass-to option for cost-targeted drivers. Mitsubishi’s popularity for reliability also weighs in its favor.

Head-to-head With Rivals

When scrutinizing direct competition, the Eclipse Cross holds its very own. Here’s how:

  • Fuel Efficiency: It surpasses many with impressive MPG ratings.
  • Warranty: Mitsubishi offers one of the best warranties, demonstrating confidence in its build quality.
  • Interior Features: The Eclipse Cross boasts a user-friendly infotainment system and cozy touches that rival pricier models.

A side-by-side comparison brings clarity:

Model Starting Price Fuel Economy Warranty
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Competitive Excellent Top-notch
Competitor A Higher Average Standard
Competitor B Lower Good Below Average

Smart technology and protection integrations deliver the Eclipse Cross an area in tech-fueled matchups. Whether via adaptive cruise control or lane departure warnings, it rivals luxury manufacturers with out the steep charge tag.

The backside line affords the Eclipse Cross as an impressive participant. It’s equipped to eclipse expectations in a crowded discipline.

Price Point And Value Proposition

Finding the suitable mixture of affordability and features is tough, but the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross hits the mark. Whether you are a city slicker or a weekend adventurer, this SUV gives you the style, consolation, and tech without breaking the bank. Presented in a package deal that values your difficult-earned cash, it is a deal that demands attention.

Cost Of Ownership

The Eclipse Cross is finances-pleasant no longer simply at the day of buy, however additionally through the years. It’s designed for performance, translating to lower gasoline prices. When you keep in mind coverage, taxes, and depreciation, this SUV is a smart economic flow. Here’s a quick rundown on the affordability:

  • Efficient fuel consumption means more miles for your money.
  • Competitive insurance rates help keep annual costs low.
  • Durable parts and build reduce repair costs.

Expect remarkable price for each dollar spent.

Warranty And Maintenance Offers

Drive with peace of mind, way to Mitsubishi’s dedication to reliability. The Eclipse Cross comes with a assurance that assures you are covered:

Type of Coverage Duration
Basic 5 years/60,000 miles
Powertrain 10 years/100,000 miles
Anti-Corrosion 7 years/100,000 miles
Roadside Assistance 5 years/unlimited miles

Mitsubishi also offers complimentary upkeep on some offerings. This consists of oil adjustments and tire rotations. With such gives, owning an Eclipse Cross feels even greater appealing.

The Road Ahead For Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is gearing up for an interesting journey. With current layout and generation, the street beforehand seems promising. The automobile stands on the crossroads of innovation and practicality.

Upcoming Updates And Industry Trends

Eclipse Cross enthusiasts have a lot to anticipate. The following highlights key updates on the horizon:

  • Enhanced safety features will raise the bar for driver and passenger protection.
  • Improved fuel efficiency aims to reduce emissions and operating costs.
  • Expect a refined interior design with advanced comfort and connectivity.

Industry developments imply a shift closer to sustainability and generation. The updates align with those traits and promise to preserve the Eclipse Cross aggressive and relevant.

The Future Of Mitsubishi’s Crossover Line

The future shines shiny for the Eclipse Cross. Mitsubishi will cognizance on:

Focus Area Details
Electrification Plans to integrate hybrid and electric powertrains for improved efficiency and performance.
User Experience Upgrades to infotainment and connectivity will enhance the in-car experience.
Design Language Continuing to evolve styling to mesh functionality with a modern aesthetic.

The crossover line is set to include those modifications, bringing sparkling excitement to the road. The Eclipse Cross is prepared to lead the percent with its modern spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions On Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

What Is The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Price Range?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross gives quite a few trims, with charges starting from about $23,000 to $33,000. Prices vary by using area, supplier, and decided on capabilities.

Does The Eclipse Cross Have Good Fuel Economy?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is thought for respectable gasoline performance. It averages round 26 miles consistent with gallon inside the metropolis and 29 mpg on the toll road.

What Safety Features Does Eclipse Cross Have?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes with advanced safety features, inclusive of forward collision mitigation, lane departure caution, and a set of airbags. Higher trims offer adaptive cruise manage and blind-spot caution.

How Is The Eclipse Cross’s Performance Rated?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers a smooth journey with its 1. 5L turbocharged engine, balancing energy and efficiency. It’s rated favorably for normal using and responsive coping with.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross stands as a testomony to versatility and fashion within the compact SUV market. Its mixture of overall performance, consolation, and modern generation offer a compelling package for drivers. With its alluring design and reliable overall performance, the Eclipse Cross is a standout desire for those looking for a dynamic using experience.

Embrace the journey in advance with this revolutionary vehicle.

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